Time-lapse fluorescence microscopy of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in meiosis.
Dresser ME
Methods Mol Biol (2009) 558: 65-79.
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Movements are implicit in the chromosome behaviors of bouquet formation, pairing and synapsis during meiotic prophase. In S. cerevisiae, the positions of chromosomes, specific structures, and individual chromosomal loci marked by fluorescent fusion proteins are easily visualized in living cells. Time-lapse analyses have revealed rapid and varied chromosome movements throughout meiotic prophase. To facilitate the analysis of these movements, we have developed a simple, inexpensive, and efficient method to prepare sporulating cells for fluorescence microscopy. This method produces a monolayer of cells that progress from meiosis through spore formation, allows visualization of hundreds of cells in a single high-resolution frame and is suitable for most methods of fluorescence microscopy.
Keywords: Image Processing, Computer-Assisted / Meiosis / Microscopy, Fluorescence / Models, Biological / Saccharomyces cerevisiae