Location, Location, Location - Spatial Cell Biology (Science Special Section)
Chang HY, Pollard TD, Cooper JA, Holt CE, Bullock SL, Hynes RO, Scott JD, Pawson T, Shapiro L, McAdams HH, Losick R
Science (2009) 326: 1205-1228.
Category: bacteria, cell signaling, cytoskeleton, gene expression, protein transport, RNA - transport ¤ Added: Jan 11, 2010 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
WHEN BUYING A HOUSE, ONLY THREE THINGS MATTER: LOCATION, LOCATION, location. In cell biology, a similar adage can be applied to the regulation of cellular and organismal physiology. The location of a cell within an organism and the location within the cell of its constituent parts will affect all it does, including the functions it is capable of performing, its signaling partners, and whether and how it grows and divides. Even in single-celled bacteria, spatial organization regulates cell division and other key developmental processes. In this special issue of Science we address a variety of topics that contribute to our understanding of spatial cell biology.