Three species of yeasts: Candida spencermartinsiae, Candida taylori and Pseudozyma abaconensis spp. nov. from mangrove and coral reef ecosystems.
Statzell-Tallman A, Scorzetti G, Fell JW
Int J Syst Evol Microbiol (2009)
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Three species of yeasts are taxonomically described for strains isolated from marine environments. Candida spencermartinsiae sp. nov. (CBS 10894 T) and Candida taylori sp. nov. (CBS 8508 T) are anamorphic ascomycetous yeasts in a phylogenetic cluster of marine yeasts in the Debaryomyces/Lodderomyces clade of the Saccharomycetales. The two species were isolated from multiple locations among coral reefs and mangrove habitats. Pseudozyma abaconensis sp. nov. (CBS 8380T) is an anamorphic basidiomycete that is related to the smut fungi of the genus Ustilago in the Ustilaginales. P. abaconensis was collected from waters adjacent to a coral reef.