Candida spp. redox machineries: an ample biocatalytic platform for practical applications and academic insights.
Gamenara D, Domínguez de María P
Biotechnol Adv () 27: 278-85.
Category: biotechnology, Candida ¤ Added: Sep 10, 2009 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
The use of oxidoreductases as biocatalysts for the production of a wide number of chiral building blocks is presently a mature (bio-)technology. In this context some industrial applications are currently performed by means of those enzymatic approaches, and new examples are expected to be realized. Moreover, oxidoreductases provide an interesting academic platform to undertake fundamental research in enzymology, to acquire a better understanding on catalytic mechanisms, and to facilitate the development of new biocatalytic applications. Within this area, a wide number of oxidoreductases from genus Candida spp. have been characterized and used as biocatalysts. These enzymes are rather diverse, and are able to carry out many useful reactions, like highly (enantio)selective keto-reductions, (de)racemizations and stereoinversions, and promiscuous catalytic imine reductions. In addition, some Candida spp. dehydrogenases are very useful for regenerating the cofactors, with the aid of sacrificial substrates. Addressing those features, the present paper aims to give an overview of these enzymes, by focusing on practical applications that these biocatalysts can provide. Furthermore, when possible, academic insights on the enzymatic performances will be discussed as well.
Keywords: Biocatalysis / Biotechnology / Candida / Fungal Proteins / Oxidoreductases