Structural and functional link between the mitochondrial network and the endoplasmic reticulum.
Giorgi C, De Stefani D, Bononi A, Rizzuto R, Pinton P
Int J Biochem Cell Biol (2009) 41: 1817-27.
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Mitochondrial and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) networks are fundamental for the maintenance of cellular homeostasis and for determination of cell fate under stress conditions. Recent structural and functional studies revealed the interaction of these networks. These zones of close contact between ER and mitochondria called MAM (mitochondria associated membranes) support communication between the two organelles including bioenergetics and cell survival. The existence of macromolecular complexes in these contact sites has also been revealed. In this contribution, we will review: (i) the ER and mitochondria structure and their dynamics, (ii) the basic principles of ER mitochondrial Ca(2+) transport, (iii) the physiological/pathological role of this cross-talk.