Global identification of yeast chromosome interactions using Genome conformation capture.
Rodley CD, Bertels F, Jones B, O'Sullivan JM
Fungal Genet Biol (2009)
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The association of chromosomes with each other and other nuclear components plays a critical role in nuclear organization and Genome function. Here, using a novel and generally applicable methodology (Genome conformation capture [GCC]), we reveal the network of chromosome interactions for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Inter- and intra-chromosomal interactions are non-random and the number of interactions per open reading frame depends upon the dispensability of the gene product. Chromosomal interfaces are organized and provide evidence of folding within chromosomes. Interestingly, the genomic connections also involve the 2mum plasmid and the mitochondrial genome. Mitochondrial interaction partners include genes of alpha-proteobacterial origin and the ribosomal DNA. Organization of the 2mum plasmid aligns two inverted repeats (IR1 and IR2) and displays the stability locus on a prominent loop thus making it available for plasmid clustering. Our results form the first global map of chromosomal interactions in a eukaryotic nucleus and demonstrate the highly connected nature of the yeast genome. These results have significant implications for understanding eukaryotic genome organization.