Nuclear regulators with a second home in organelles.
Krause K, Krupinska K
Trends Plant Sci (2009) 14: 194-199.
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In plants, increasing evidence points towards the existence of nuclear proteins that are also targeted to either mitochondria - a well-known phenomenon from yeast and mammalians - or to plastids. One such protein is Whirly1, which was the first protein to be identified in the nucleus and plastids of the same plant cell. Like Whirly1, most of the dual targeted (nucleus and organelle) proteins have functions in the maintenance of DNA, telomere structuring or gene expression. In some instances, proteins were even shown to be relocated from one compartment to another upon environmental or developmental clues. We hypothesize that one rationale of dual targeting is storage or sequestration of these proteins inside the organelles until specific conditions require their activity in the nucleus.
Keywords: Arabidopsis Proteins / Cell Nucleus / Chloroplasts / Cytoplasm / DNA-Binding Proteins / Endoplasmic Reticulum / Mitochondria / Mitochondrial Proteins / Models, Biological / Nuclear Proteins / Plant Proteins / Protein Processing, Post-Translational / Protein Transport