WEB-THERMODYN: Sequence analysis software for profiling DNA helical stability.
Huang Y, Kowalski D
Nucleic Acids Res (2003) 31: 3819-21.
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WEB-THERMODYN analyzes DNA sequences and computes the DNA helical stability, i.e. the free energy required to unwind and separate the strands of the double helix. A helical stability profile across a selected DNA region or the entire sequence is generated by sliding-window analysis. WEB-THERMODYN can predict sites of low helical stability present at regulatory regions for transcription and replication and can be used to test the influence of mutations. The program can be accessed at: http://wings.buffalo.edu/gsa/dna/dk/WEBTHERMODYN/.
Keywords: Chromosomes, Fungal / Computer Graphics / DNA / Internet / Mutation / Nucleic Acid Conformation / Regulatory Sequences, Nucleic Acid / Replication Origin / Sequence Analysis, DNA / Software / Thermodynamics / User-Computer Interface