Elk-1 associates with the mitochondrial permeability transition pore complex in neurons
Barrett LE, Van Bockstaele EJ, Sul JY, Takano H, Haydon PG, Eberwine JH
Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA (2006)
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The nuclear transcription factor E-26-like protein 1 (Elk-1) is thought to impact neuronal differentiation [Sharrocks, A. D. (2001) Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Biol. 2, 827–837], cell proliferation [Sharrocks, A. D. (2002) Biochem. Soc. Trans. 30, 1–9], tumorigenesis [Chai, Y. L., Chipitsyna, G., Cui, J., Liao, B., Liu, S., Aysola, K., Yezdani, M., Reddy, E. S. P. & Rao, V. N. (2001) Oncogene 20, 1357–1367], and apoptosis [Shao, N., Chai, Y., Cui, J., Wang, N., Aysola, K., Reddy, E. S. P. & Rao, V. N. (1998) Oncogene 17, 527–532]. In addition to its nuclear localization, Elk-1 is found throughout the cytoplasm, including localization in neuronal dendrites [Sgambato, V., Vanhoutte, P., Pages, C., Rogard, M., Hipskind, R., Besson, M. J. & Caboche, J. (1998) J. Neurosci. 18, 214–226], raising the possibility that Elk-1 may have alternative extranuclear functions in neurons. Using coimmunoprecipitation and reciprocal coimmunoprecipitation from adult rat brain, we found an association between Elk-1 protein and the mitochondrial permeability transition pore complex (PTP), a structure involved in both apoptotic and necrotic cell death. Electron microscopy in adult rat brain sections con- firmed this association with mitochondria. Elk-1 was also identified from purified mitochondrial fractions by using Western blotting, and Elk-1 increased its association with mitochondria following proapoptotic stimuli. Consistent with a role for Elk-1 in neuron viability, overexpression of Elk-1 in primary neurons decreased cell viability, whereas Elk-1 siRNA-mediated knockdown increased cell viability. This decrease in viability induced by Elk-1 overexpression was blocked with application of a PTP inhibitor. These results show an association of the nuclear transcription factor Elk-1 with the mitochondrial PTP and suggest an additional extranuclear function for Elk-1 in neurons.