Biochemical and genetic characterization of Hmi1p, a yeast DNA helicase involved in the maintenance of mitochondrial DNA.
Monroe DS, Leitzel AK, Klein HL, Matson SW
Yeast (2005)
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The HMI1 gene encodes a DNA helicase that localizes to the mitochondria and is required for maintenance of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Identified based on its homology with E. coli uvrD, the HMI1 gene product, Hmi1p, has been presumed to be involved in the replication of the 80 kb linear S. cerevisiae mtDNA genome. Here we report the purification of Hmi1p to apparent homogeneity and provide a characterization of the helicase reaction and the ATPase reaction with regard to NTP preference, divalent cation preference and the stimulatory effects of different nucleic acids on Hmi1p-catalysed ATPase activity. Genetic complementation assays indicate that mitochondrial localization of Hmi1p is essential for its role in mtDNA metabolism. The helicase activity, however, is not essential. Point mutants that lack ATPase/helicase activity partially complement a strain lacking Hmi1p. We suggest several possible roles for Hmi1p in mtDNA metabolism.