The WD40 protein Caf4p is a component of the mitochondrial fission machinery and recruits Dnm1p to mitochondria
Griffin EE, Graumann J, Chan DC
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (2005)
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The mitochondrial division machinery regulates mitochondrial dynamics and consists of Fis1p, Mdv1p, and Dnm1p. Mitochondrial division relies on the recruitment of the dynamin-related protein Dnm1p to mitochondria. Dnm1p recruitment depends on the mitochondrial outer membrane protein Fis1p. Mdv1p interacts with Fis1p and Dnm1p, but is thought to act at a late step during fission because Mdv1p is dispensable for Dnm1p localization. We identify the WD40 repeat protein Caf4p as a Fis1p-associated protein that localizes to mitochondria in a Fis1p-dependent manner. Caf4p interacts with each component of the fission apparatus: with Fis1p and Mdv1p through its NH2-terminal half and with Dnm1p through its COOH-terminal WD40 domain. We demonstrate that mdv1delta yeast contain residual mitochondrial fission due to the redundant activity of Caf4p. Moreover, recruitment of Dnm1p to mitochondria is disrupted in mdv1delta caf4delta yeast, demonstrating that Mdv1p and Caf4p are molecular adaptors that recruit Dnm1p to mitochondrial fission sites. Our studies support a revised model for assembly of the mitochondrial fission apparatus.