Free uptake of cell-penetrating peptides by fission yeast.
Parenteau J, Klinck R, Good L, Langel U, Wellinger RJ, Elela SA
FEBS Letters (2005)
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An increasing number of peptides translocate the plasma membrane of mammalian cells promising new avenues for drug delivery. However, only a few examples are known to penetrate the fungal cell wall. We compared the capacity of different fluorophore-labelled peptides to translocate into fission yeast and human cells and determined their intracellular distribution. Most of the 20 peptides tested were able to enter human cells, but only one, transportan 10 (TP10), efficiently penetrated fission yeast and was distributed uniformly inside the cells. The results show that the fungal cell wall may reduce, but does not block peptide uptake.