The Two-Component Signal Transduction Protein Chk1p Regulates Quorum Sensing in Candida albicans.
Kruppa M, Krom BP, Chauhan N, Bambach AV, Cihlar RL, Calderone RA
Eukaryotic Cell (2004)
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Regulation of hyphal morphogenesis in Candida albicans can occur through quorum sensing (QS). A QS signal, farnesol, is produced during high-density growth and inhibits morphogenesis. However, the signal transduction pathway that regulates QS is unknown. Here, we show that a C. albicans mutant lacking Chk1p but not either the Sln1p or the Nik1p histidine kinase is refractory to the inhibitory effect of farnesol both in cell suspension and during the formation of a biofilm. This study is the first to demonstrate a role for a two-component signal transduction protein in QS by a eukaryotic organism.