Oscillating global regulators control the genetic circuit driving a bacterial cell cycle.
Holtzendorff J, Hung D, Brende P, Reisenauer A, Viollier PH, McAdams HH, Shapiro L
Science (2004)
Category: biological networks, gene expression, oscillations ¤ Added: May 21, 2004 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
A newly identified cell-cycle master regulator protein, GcrA, together with the CtrA master regulator, are key components of a genetic circuit that drives cell-cycle progression and asymmetric polar morphogenesis in Caulobacter crescentus. The circuit drives out-of-phase temporal and spatial oscillation of GcrA and CtrA concentrations, producing time- and space-dependent transcriptional regulation of modular functions that implement cell-cycle processes. The CtrA/GcrA regulatory circuit controls expression of polar differentiation factors and the timing of DNA replication. CtrA functions as a silencer of the replication origin and GcrA as an activator of components of the replisome and the segregation machinery.