Transduction of intracellular and intercellular dynamics in yeast glycolytic oscillations.
Wolf J, Passarge J, Somsen OJ, Snoep JL, Heinrich R, Westerhoff HV
Biophysical Journal (2000)
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Under certain well-defined conditions, a population of yeast cells exhibits glycolytic oscillations that synchronize through intercellular acetaldehyde. This implies that the dynamic phenomenon of the oscillation propagates within and between cells. We here develop a method to establish by which route dynamics propagate through a biological reaction network. Application of the method to yeast demonstrates how the oscillations and the synchronization signal can be transduced. That transduction is not so much through the backbone of glycolysis, as via the Gibbs energy and redox coenzyme couples (ATP/ADP, and NADH/NAD), and via both intra- and intercellular acetaldehyde.