[Williopsis saturnus and Williopsis beijerinckii-different taxons from polymerase chain reaction data with nonspecific primers].
Naumova ES, Tokareva NG, Naumov GI
Microbiology (Moscow) (2001)
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Fifteen strains of the yeast Williopsis sensu stricto were analyzed by means of UP-PCR. With the N21 universal primer, this approach showed that the strains could be clearly divided into two groups corresponding to the species W. saturnus (Klöcker) Zender and W. beijerinckii (van der Walt) Naumov et Vustin. The results obtained are in good agreement with data of genetic and isoenzyme analyses and provide no support for the conspecificity of W. saturnus and W. beijerinckii commonly accepted in modern determination manuals.