Global organellar proteomics.
Taylor SW, Fahy E, Ghosh SS
Trends in Biotechnology (2003)
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Cataloging the proteomes of single-celled microorganisms, cells, biological fluids, tissue and whole organisms is being undertaken at a rapid pace as advances are made in protein and peptide separation, detection and identification. For metazoans, subcellular organelles represent attractive targets for global proteome analysis because they represent discrete functional units, their complexity in protein composition is reduced relative to whole cells and, when abundant cytoskeletal proteins are removed, lower abundance proteins specific to the organelle are revealed. Here, we review recent literature on the global analysis of subcellular organelles and briefly discuss how that information is being used to elucidate basic biological processes that range from cellular signaling pathways through protein-protein interactions to differential expression of proteins in response to external stimuli. We assess the relative merits of the different methods used and discuss issues and future directions in the field.