Genome-wide studies on the nuclear PDR3-controlled response to mitochondrial dysfunction in yeast.
Devaux F, Carvajal E, Moye-Rowley S, Jacq C
FEBS Letters (2002)
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Gain-of-function mutations in the transcription factors Pdr1p and Pdr3p lead to the up-regulation of genes controlling plasma membrane properties. Pdr3p is involved in a retrograde response in which mitochondrial dysfunctions activate PDR5, a gene encoding an ABC membrane transporter. We carried out genome-wide analyses of the PDR3-controlled genes activated by the deletion of the mitochondrial DNA. We present evidence showing that PDR1 does not interfere with this PDR3 response. We also showed that the mitochondrially activated PDR3 response is highly sensitive to both yeast strain variations and carbon sources. These observations explain the apparent discrepancies in published studies and better describe the connections between the mitochondrial state and plasma membrane properties.