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A novel subfractionation approach for mitochondrial proteins: a three-dimensional mitochondrial proteome map.
Hanson BJ, Schulenberg B, Patton WF, Capaldi RA
Electrophoresis (2001)
Category: methods, mitochondria-biogenesis, mitochondria-methods ¤ Added: Aug 27th, 2004 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Characterization of dynamic and steady-state protein phosphorylation using a fluorescent phosphoprotein gel stain and mass spectrometry.
Schulenberg B, Goodman TN, Aggeler R, Capaldi RA, Patton WF
Electrophoresis (2004)
Category: cell signaling, methods ¤ Added: Aug 27th, 2004 ¤ Rating: ◊◊