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An antisense-based functional genomics approach for identification of genes critical for growth of Candida albicans.
De Backer MD, Nelissen B, Logghe M, Viaene J, Loonen I, Vandoninck S, de Hoogt R, Dewaele S, Si...
Nature Biotechnology (2001)
Category: RNA interference ¤ Added: Nov 5th, 2003 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
A high-throughput screening system for genes extending life-span.
Chen C, Dewaele S, Braeckman B, Desmyter L, Verstraelen J, Borgonie G, Vanfleteren J, Contreras...
Experimental Gerontology (2003)
Category: aging ¤ Added: Oct 30th, 2003 ¤ Rating: ◊◊