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Correlative 3D superresolution fluorescence and electron microscopy reveal the relationship of mitochondrial nucleoids to membranes
Kopek BG, Shtengel G, Xu CS, Clayton DA, Hess HF
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2012)
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Chromosome organization by a nucleoid-associated protein in live bacteria
Wang W, Li GW, Chen C, Xie XS, Zhuang X
Science (2011)
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Population Length Variability and Nucleoid Numbers in E. coli
Athale CA, Chaudhari H
Bioinformatics (2011)
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Structural basis for the nuclease activity of a bacteriophage large terminase.
Smits C, Chechik M, Kovalevskiy OV, Shevtsov MB, Foster AW, Alonso JC, Antson AA
EMBO Rep (2009) 10: 592-8.
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Mitochondrial nucleoids maintain genetic autonomy but allow for functional complementation.
Gilkerson RW, Schon EA, Hernandez E, Davidson MM
Journal of Cell Biology (2008)
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Mitochondrial nucleoids undergo remodeling in response to metabolic cues.
Kucej M, Kucejova B, Subramanian R, Chen XJ, Butow RA
Journal of Cell Science (2008)
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Transmission electron microscopy of the bacterial nucleoid.
Eltsov M, Zuber B
Journal of Structural Biology (2006)
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Transcription-coupled nucleoid architecture in bacteria.
Ohniwa RL, Morikawa K, Takeshita SL, Kim J, Ohta T, Wada C, Takeyasu K
Genes to Cells (2007)
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Escherichia coli HU protein has a role in the repair of abasic sites in DNA.
Kow YW, Imhoff B, Weiss B, Hung DC, Hindoyan AA, Story RM, Goodman SD
Nucleic Acids Research (2007)
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Human mitochondrial DNA nucleoids are linked to protein folding machinery and metabolic enzymes at the mitochondrial inner membrane.
Wang Y, Bogenhagen DF
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2006)
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