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The Aspergillus nidulans acuL gene encodes a mitochondrial carrier required for the utilization of carbon sources that are metabolized via the TCA cycle.
Flipphi M, Oestreicher N, Nicolas V, Guitton A, Velot C
Fungal Genet Biol (2014)
Category: fungi, metabolism, mitochondria-transport, yeast ¤ Added: Jun 2nd, 2014 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
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RNA Interference Pathways in Fungi: Mechanisms and Functions.
Chang SS, Zhang Z, Liu Y
Annu Rev Microbiol (2012) 66: 305–323.
Category: fungi, gene expression, gene silencing, RNA interference, Sch. pombe, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, yeast ¤ Added: Jul 6th, 2012 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Intracellular acetyl unit transport in fungal carbon metabolism.
Strijbis K, Distel B
Eukaryot Cell (2010) 9: 1809-15.
Category: Candida, fungi, metabolism, mitochondria, mitochondria-transport, peroxisome ¤ Added: Jun 26th, 2012 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
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Compatibility with Killer Explains the Rise of RNAi-Deficient Fungi.
Drinnenberg IA, Fink GR, Bartel1 DP
Science (2011) 333: 1592.
Category: evolution, fungi, gene expression, gene silencing, RNA interference, yeast ¤ Added: Sep 18th, 2011 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Towards a nanoscale view of fungal surfaces.
Dague E, Gilbert Y, Verbelen C, Andre G, Alsteens D, Dufrêne YF
Yeast (2007) 24: 229-37.
Category: atomic force microscopy, fungi ¤ Added: Nov 24th, 2010 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
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