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Interactions of TRF2 with model telomeric ends.
Khan SJ, Yanez G, Seldeen K, Wang H, Lindsay SM, Fletcher TM
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (2007)
Category: telomere ¤ Added: Oct 22nd, 2007 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Abundant sequence variation around the mitochondrial origin of replication in the human opportunistic yeast pathogen Candida albicans from a tropical island in China.
Wang H, Guo H, Sun S, Xu J
Fungal Genetics and Biology (2007)
Category: Candida, mitochondrial DNA, yeast pathogens, yeast taxonomy ¤ Added: Sep 10th, 2007 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Mobile DNA in Old World monkeys: a glimpse through the rhesus macaque genome.
Han K, Konkel MK, Xing J, Wang H, Lee J, Meyer TJ, Huang CT, Sandifer E, Hebert K, Barnes EW, H...
Science (2007)
Category: genomics, Selfish genetic elements ¤ Added: Jul 2nd, 2007 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Bistable expression of WOR1, a master regulator of white–opaque switching in Candida albicans
Huang G, Wang H, Chou S, Nie X, Chen J, Liu H
Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA (2006)
Category: morphogenetic switching, yeast pathogens ¤ Added: Aug 15th, 2006 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Pseudogenization of a sweet-receptor gene accounts for cats' indifference toward sugar.
Li X, Li W, Wang H, Cao J, Maehashi K, Huang L, Bachmanov AA, Reed DR, Legrand-Defretin V, Beau...
PLOS Genetics (2005)
Category: taste ¤ Added: Jun 19th, 2006 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Lysine methylation within the globular domain of histone H3 by Dot1 is important for telomeric silencing and Sir protein association.
Ng HH, Feng Q, Wang H, Erdjument-Bromage H, Tempst P, Zhang Y, Struhl K
Genes and Development (2002)
Category: gene silencing ¤ Added: May 25th, 2004 ¤ Rating: ◊
Whi3 binds the mRNA of the G1 cyclin CLN3 to modulate cell fate in budding yeast.
Gari E, Volpe T, Wang H, Gallego C, Futcher B, Aldea M
Genes and Development (2001)
Category: cell division ¤ Added: Jan 15th, 2004 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
Quantitative characterization of biomolecular assemblies and interactions using atomic force microscopy.
Yang Y, Wang H, Erie DA
Methods (2003)
Category: nanotechnologies ¤ Added: Oct 14th, 2003 ¤ Rating: ◊◊