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Elucidation of the mode of interaction in the UP1-telomerase RNA-telomeric DNA ternary complex which serves to recruit telomerase to telomeric DNA and to enhance the telomerase activity.
Nagata T, Takada Y, Ono A, Nagata K, Konishi Y, Nukina T, Ono M, Matsugami A, Furukawa A, Fujim...
Nucleic Acids Res (2008) 36: 6816-24.
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Interactions with RNA/DNA of proteins involved in the regulation of transcription, translation and telomere elongation.
Ohyama T, Furukawa A, Miyoshi T, Takada Y, Ohgara S, Hiratsuka K, Imai T, Okano H, Nakagama H, ...
Nucleic Acids Symposium Series (2007)
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Molecular mechanisms for maintenance of G-rich short tandem repeats capable of adopting G4 DNA structures.
Nakagama H, Higuchi K, Tanaka E, Tsuchiya N, Nakashima K, Katahira M, Fukuda H
Mutation Research (2006)
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