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Mitochondrial genome integrity mutations uncouple the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATP synthase.
Wang Y, Singh U, Mueller DM
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2007)
Category: mitochondria, mitochondria-biogenesis, mitochondrial DNA ¤ Added: Jan 26th, 2007 ¤ Rating: ◊◊
The ATP synthase is involved in generating mitochondrial cristae morphology.
Paumard P, Vaillier J, Coulary B, Schaeffer J, Soubannier V, Mueller DM, Brethes D, di Rago JP,...
EMBO Journal (2002)
Category: mitochondria-biogenesis ¤ Added: Mar 13th, 2002 ¤ Rating: ◊◊